Evidence-Based Review of Stroke Rehabilitation

Community Reintegration

Katherine Salter PhD (cand.), Laura Allen MSc (cand.), Marina Richardson MSc, Robert Teasell MD, Norine Foley MSc
social support, care management, discharge planning, informal caregiver, education, information provision, skills training, driving, attention re-training, on-road evaluation, return to work, leisure, sexuality

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Community Reintegration


While the majority of stroke survivors return to live in the community, re-integration may be an enormous challenge. The ability to return to an acceptable lifestyle, participating in both social and domestic activities is important for perceived quality of life.

The present review examines issues arising following discharge from hospital care or rehabilitation into the community. These include social support, impact of caregiving on informal carers, family functioning, provision of information and education, leisure activities, driving, sexuality and return to work.

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