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Educational Modules

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The following educational supplements were designed to present the information contained within the Evidence-Based Review of Stroke Rehabilitation in an alternative format. Specifically, they are intended to allow readers to review and test themselves on the key material from the EBRSR. Accordingly, each module will be presented in three different formats, one with questions only, one with questions and answers, and a full version that also includes a discussion of relevant issues associated with each question.

This section will be continually revised as existing modules are updated and new modules are added. It is anticipated that, when completed, this section will cover the following eight topics: Anatomy of Stroke Rehabilitation, Principles of Stroke Rehabilitation, Secondary Prevention of Stroke, Motor Recovery, Cognitive Disorders, Medical Complications, Psychosocial Issues, and Clinical Assessment Tools.

We apologize for the abruption in content, this portion of the website is currently under review and construction