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Rehabilitation of Younger Patients Post Stroke
This review highlights the unique rehabilitation needs of younger patients with stroke.
Outcome Measures in Stroke Rehabilitation
To enhance the meaningfulness the SREBR, the present review provides information about assessment tools commonly used in stroke rehabilitation research and practice including summary reviews of 38 assessment tools used in the evaluation of Body Structure (14 tools), Activity (15 tools) and Participation (9 tools) outcomes.
Community Reintegration
The present review examines aspects around the return to life in the community following stroke.
Post-Stroke Depression and Mood Disorders
Depression is a well-documented sequela of stroke that may have a negative impact on functional recovery, cognition and social activity. Interventions to prevent and treat post-stroke depression and various other mood disorders are reviewed.
Medical Complications Post Stroke
This review identifies clinically relevant post stroke complications and methods used to control them. Treatment interventions are reviewed and levels of evidence assigned.
Nutritional Interventions Following Stroke
This review includes discussion of nutritional status and malnutrition following stroke including incidence rates, detection markers, underlying causes, treatment interventions, and potential complications. Articles are summarized and conclusions are drawn based on levels of evidence.
Dysphagia and Aspiration Following Stroke
This review provides information regarding the assessment and treatment of dysphagia.
Aphasia and Apraxia
A comprehensive review of aphasia and apraxia post stroke that includes both therapy-based and drug-based interventions.
Perceptual Disorders
Unilateral spatial neglect (USN) affects a significant number of individuals with stroke. The present review focuses on interventions to improve USN either by increasing patient's awareness of or attention to the neglected space or remediating deficits of position sense or body orientation.
Post-Stroke Cognitive Disorders
This review provides information regarding the importance and impact of cognitive impairment and delirium post stroke. Treatment interventions are reviewed and levels of evidence assigned.


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