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Hemiplegic Shoulder Pain & Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
This review provides a complete discussion of the current literature on hemiplegic shoulder pain and complex regional pain syndrome post stroke. Levels of evidence are provided to clarify research based recommendations.
Upper Extremity Interventions
In this review, rehabilitative therapies of upper extremity complications are summarized, the current literature articles are described and scored, and recommendations are made based on the most up to date evidence.
Lower Extremity Interventions
This review contrasts the compensatory and restorative approaches to lower extremity rehabilitation. Literature pertaining to specific treatments is summarized and recommendations are made based on levels of evidence.
Secondary Prevention of Stroke
Secondary prevention should be regarded as an integral part of stroke rehabilitation. The present review provides information regarding management of modifiable risk factors, treatment of atherosclerosis and cardiac abnormalities such as atrial fibrillation and reperfusion techniques.
Outpatient Stroke Rehabilitation
This review details the outpatient stroke rehabilitation dialogue comparing hospital-based, community-based and early supported discharge models.
The Elements of Stroke Rehabilitation
Interdisciplinary stroke rehabilitation is a multifaceted approach of fostering stroke recovery. This review examines specific aspects of stroke rehabilitation for efficacy.
The Efficacy of Stroke Rehabilitation
The variety of stroke rehabilitation units and systems requires their measurement for efficacy. This chapter presents evidence comparing various stroke rehabilitation models.
Managing the Stroke Rehabilitation Triage Process
This chapter review's evidence and dialogue relating to stroke rehabilitation triage systems.
Background Concepts in Stroke Rehabilitation
Stroke rehabilitation, and promoting recovery from neurological deficits, requires a foundation of knowledge in stroke identification and management. This review presents evidence related the underlying concepts of stroke rehabilitation.
Clinical Consequences of Stroke
This review highlights the varied clinical outcomes of stroke and their relation to lesion site.


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